From the Makers of Tormentum Comes Tsioque

Usually I shy away from KickStarter projects of the digital game variety, but seeing as Tormentum was such a solid game, and Tsioque comes with a demo, I think this is a safe bet that if the game gets funded there will be something amazing coming to the backers of the project.

In this 2D point and click adventure you will play the part of the young princess who has been left behind in the castle so that her mother the queen can fight a battle. Of course once the queen is gone an evil wizard takes control of the castle, and it is up to you to try to win back the castle and stop the wizard's fiendish plot.

They are looking for $35,000 to make this game, and as of right now they already have over $6,000. So if you are interested in the game go kickstart it, and if you need a little bit more of a push, perhaps the demo can help you make the correct chioce.



MonsterCon 2015: A Look Back

I want to give some context right off the bat, I've been to two previous MonsterCons and they were both in Greenville, SC. They both had a couple of issues here and there, but for the most part they were fun, had plenty of attendees and felt like it was going to continue to grow.

Now lets talk about this year's. First off the location changed, we went from Greenville, SC to Gaffney, SC. Honestly with the exception of the outlet malls there's not a whole lot of stuff to do in Gaffney. In Greenville there seemed to be a lot more activities and locations that people could go to after the convention to have their own unsanctioned events and just have fun.

Second off venue changed, we went from a university basketball arena (Timmon's Arena at Furman University) to what I can only describe as what could have been an old closed air flea market. Now I don't know all the exact details but what I can tell you is that even when/if the AC worked in this area it didn't so very well. If a vendor/fan table decided to tough out the temp/humidity they were forced to buy their own fans to try to keep themselves cool (Altered Confusion bought two box fans, which honestly were our saving grace). Another thing that I want to mention about this new venue was the fact that there was all manners of unidentifiable stains on the carpet and a smell of damp mildew that just permeated into everything.

Third off the attendance, last year I believe there was somewhere between 6000 and 7000 attendees. This year going off of what I personally saw I'm thinking we probably had 150 attendees? Maybe? It was hard to tell, there was never really a heavy traffic period in any of the three days. Now this could be because of the fact that the vendor/fan table rows each dead ended so if you got down one row you'd have to go all the way back through. 

Fourth off has to do with the special guests, now I'm not saying that the guest that showed up were bad or weren't deserving, but there were higher profile guest in previous years along with the guest that showed up this year. So I think the pull to see celebrities wasn't anywhere near as strong. Last year there was the guy who played Eddie Munster, the guy who was in the Darth Vader suit, and my personal favorite Doug Jones. This year the highest profile actor was probably Johnny Alonso.

Fifth off lets talk about the vendors, many of these vendors have worked MonsterCon in the past, and they did rather well when it came to sales. This year, however, most vendors were lucky to cover the cost of their table, which is not what vendors are there for.

Sixth off, man there's a lot of point here, but lets keep them coming, is the panels. Look I understand that it cost money to print out programs, and lots of the time people leave/throw-away/lose their programs, or the programs are not up to date, but at least people have something to refer to when trying to figure out what they will be doing with their day and when panels are at least happening. In previous years there was a PA guy, who I wanted to strangle (just FYI), that would announce what was happening next so that people got a heads up. This year there was some printed out sheets of paper that were taped to the wall next to panel room 1. Real quick lets talk about Panel Room 1, it was an old broken black fake leather couch as the panelist area with a MonsterCon 2014 poster sitting behind it. 

Seventh off was what I felt the unprofessional feel to the convention. In previous years there were helpers who checked in on the vendors/fan tables/celebrities to make sure everyone was doing alright and to see if there was anything that they needed. This year there was almost a complete lack of that, sure there was one girl who seemed to care, but the rest of the staff (if there was staff because I couldn't tell who was a vendor/attendee/fan table/celebrity) didn't seem to care. Another thing is that as the convention founder/owner/whatever it is not appropriate to post how much you made on the convention, and to be honest I would not be proud of the small amount made ($4,000) because all that money is supposed to go towards renovations on the venue, a place that needs a million dollars or so to make it work (so basically throw 250 more of these conventions and you should have it).

Eighth off has to be the bathrooms. In a basketball arena there are several bathrooms and they are accessible to all. In this new place there was only one set of bathrooms and they were on the second floor, oh and the elevator is broken. So individuals who could not make it up the stairs were SOL.

Finally I want to say one last thing, I've been to MonsterCon, I'm excited for MonsterCon, and when it comes back I'll be ready to attend, but this was not MonsterCon, nor will it ever be, in its current form. The person running this convention should have renamed this convention, instead what he did was hit a hard reset on the convention. This was a first year convention with a history of being a big successful convention. This was not a success, Altered Confusion is out for next year, and from talking to many of the vendors it would appear that they will be out as well. I'm sorry but this should have just been called ShaneCon, that's what it was, and I fear that's what it will now forever be.

Thanks to Zealeus we have some pictures to view of the convention:




WarHammer: Arcane Magic Coming Soon to iOS

I can't tell you how much time I've spent on table top games and of course WarHammer was one of the ones that I just wish I had enough money to really get into. That's what makes this game all the more better, I'm not going to have to spend $25 for a single pewter figurine that I would then have to paint, and then I'd probably become really sad because I've never painted miniature.

Anyways you'll be leading your group of three wizards in search of arcane power. You will have to fight your way through different areas and unleash devastating spells to move on. You'll also gain spells that are wizard specific, so you're going to want to find a way to protect all of them. The game sports 45 different spells to play around with and defeat monsters such as Harpies, Stone Trolls, and more.

This game is coming out July 28th and will have the asking price of $9.99.



KickStarter: Nova Blitz

That's right folks the Real Time Collectable Card Game (RTCCG for short) Nova Blitz is now being KickStarted. Now I know that some of you have already taken advantage of the alpha build that has been made available on their website, but just in case here's the links:



Now they are already off to a great start when it comes to KickStarter, but as anyone can tell you its not how you start but how you finish. Currently they are just a shade below the halfway mark, and they have 29 days, as of today, to get the rest. So I'm not saying wait until the 11th hour, but take a look at the game, get really into it and then donate some money to help make this game a reality.



AndoCon Panels!!

Alright I know that we literally posted about how excited we are to be going to AndoCon, but now we have our official times for our panels. Now of course if Ando needs us to do some more *wink, wink* we'd be happy to jump in.

So here's the breakdown of what we have for AndoCon, happening August 15-16, 2015.

Saturday Noon - 1 PM Destruction of the Game Industry

Sunday 1 PM - 2 PM So You Finished Creating Your Game, Now What?

We are once again beyond excited to be going to AndoCon, and we hope to see all of you there.