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Guard the Rails in This Train Strategy Game

It's time to take to the rails, your entire well-being in this strategy game depends on you protecting your train, protecting the rails that your train rides upon, upgrading your train, trading along the rails, and of course just for an added twist some historical events from American History. Does this sound like the kind of game that you might be interested in? Well you're in luck currently it is in Early Access over at Steam, and the game is called Bounty Train.

Now many of you might have noticed that this game has been out for a while in the Early Access realm, but a new update has been released and has added more twists to the game. So you might want to take a peek now that there's a little bit more risk in this high stakes world thanks in part to the addition of saloons.



Riot and ESPN Sitting Down to Talk eSports

Well I don't think anyone is going to be completely blown away by the fact that ESPN is trying to work out a deal to grab the biggest and baddest eSports broadcasting rights. Now it hasn't been completely confirmed but it would appear that this deal could be somewhere in the ballpark of $500 million dollars, and will start with the LCS (LoL Champship Series). The only question I really have is who will they get to commentate? The issue that might arise is that if you are going to have new names commentating while trying to paint the picture for the average audience, you could potentially piss off both sets of fans.

Now of course lets say that ESPN does gain the veteran commentators, will they become employees of ESPN and only be able to work on ESPN broadcasts, or will they more than likely be contracted out during the different series?

I, personally, am really excited to see the fact that there are tv channels that are trying to broaden their base by showing eSports, the only question I have is will the internet viewers come over to watch it? Actually the better question is that as a result of this deal, if it happens, will ESPN have exclusive rights to broadcast meaning that unless you have an ESPN3 login you are not going to be able to watch?



Thursday Night Hangout 05/19/2016


Can You and Your Friends Find the Traitor Among You?

Have you been trying to find a party game that can be played by many with just the use of a single phone, a game in which deception is key? Well then do I have a game that you're going to want to check out, and the best part is that it is free to pick up, but of course there are some microtransactions needed to unlock the full experience.

The name of the game is Who Lurks, and in this game you and your friends are on a spaceship trying to navigate safely through space, the twist is that one of you is not who you appear to be. One of you is an alien saboteur and if not found they have the chance to destroy the ship and defeat the mission. In each round you, along with the rest of the crew, will be given mini-games that you will have to complete. If you don't that goes as a strike against the ship, enough and it goes down. The alien can actually make this part a little bit more difficult by ratcheting up the difficulty for the specialist for that turn. This could result in that person messing up and losing the mini-game, but will it be enough to make the others think it's someone else.

This game is out for both the iOS platform and the Android platform, so choose your poison and start playing Who Lurks to see if you have what it takes to sniff out the traitor, or perhaps become the ultimate mastermind of betrayal.

Oh and if you are wondering what the breakdown on the in game transactions are:


  • Remove ads: $1.99
  • Hack system + remove ads: $2.99
  • Full unlock (bundle): $4.99




Where Altered Confusion will be at MomoCon

I know that there are those out there that like to pre-plan their method of attack when they go to a convention, well we would like to help you find everything Altered Confusion as easily as possible.

Here's a map of the Vendor Hall, well the side that has most of the tables which include the fan tables, so basically the right hand side of the floor.



Now let's zoom into that squared section to give the the EXACT location, I know you'll see the banner probably from anywhere and everywhere, but just in case:


Now I know that people have heard, by this point, that I, Charlie, will be a special guest at Con Carolinas signing autographs. If there are those at MomoCon that would like an autograph from me or any of the Altered Confusion crew feel free to come by and we'll sign something for you.


Now I know that there are those out there who don't want to only know where we will be most of the convention, but would like to know of where we will be presenting our panels. Well have no fear we have a picture of that for you too. We will be on the Georgia World Congress Center Level 3 in room 313.