Xaviant to Downsize

Well folks I think I now know why no one has really heard anything from this group since the launch of their game Lichdom: Battle Mage. The reason is that they have been trying to hold on for dear life, keeping the company steady as well as the game going. Well it has now come out that after just under a year its time to really change the structure of the company. For those of you who have not been through this yourself, this means serious downsizing, probably to the point of bare bones. Here's a message from the CEO:

As some of you may have heard, Xaviant has gone through a change in size and structure today. We said goodbye to many of our friends and colleagues and wish them the very best.

Why did we do this? It became clear after the last game that the kind of investment we made is simply not sustainable. Despite all the passion and emotional drive you might have on a project you still need to be financially viable. To that end we have brought the studio to a size where it is more manageable, nimble and better suited to make a game that can be deemed a financial success.

Those of us remaining are very excited about what this means for the future despite feeling sad at no longer being able to work with all of the friends we have made. Keep your eyes here though and we will inform you of our new plans when we can. Until then keep our friends in your thoughts and if you know of opportunities, please reach out to them.

Michael McMain
CEO, Xaviant

For all of those hardworking people who have been displaced by these moves, I hope that you land quickly on your feet and that this experience only strengthens your resolve to try again to make a game that will break the mold and make people go crazy for it.

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Funatics' Cultures Bundle Now Available on Steam

So some of you might remember the news that Daedalic Entertainment and Funatics Software are joining forces for some projects, well some of the games that made Funatics who they are Cultures - Journey to Northland and Cultures The 8th Wonder of the World, are now available through Steam. For those dying to jump at this bundle it looks like they are pricing it at $7.99.

If you feel like you only want one of the games, they are available individually as well. So you have some choices. Now of course these are retro games, they have been out for a while, but this just shows you that there's still the need and want for some of the games that people grew up with.

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Halo Online has Arrived... Russia

So close yet so far away. In a move to try to introduce other parts of the world to the Halo Universe, Microsoft has gone we a trial in Russia only, utilizing the Halo 3 engine to give the Russians a little taste of what Halo is all about. The best part is that its free-to-play. Now its not like all of Russia can play right away, it is currently in a Closed Beta, but one has to think that it is an interesting choice.

I know I'm wondering if this will come to the US, and to be honest I have a funny feeling that unless something huge happens, we're never going to see it. I think the likelihood is that it will start to spread in other countries to try to establish the brand, and maybe push some XBOX ONEs outside of the states into areas that have been resistant to change.

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The Second and Last Chapter of Broken Age Coming Soon

I know its been a while since last we spoke of Double-Fine Adventures, or as it became to be known, Broken Age, but it is time for those out there who are looking for the second half of the game to rejoice. That's right folks its almost here, you'll soon be able to purchase, or perhaps receive the second (which is also the last) chapter of the game. 

Now the release date is scheduled, pretty sure its in stone at this point, for April 28th. The crazy thing is that this is not going to only be for the PC version of the game but the PS4 and PS Vita (do people still have those?) on that same date.

I'm going to be honest with you, I played a little bit of the game, I had to as I was one of those "suckers" who helped kickstart the project and then watch all the money disappear before they even had a solid alpha, and I guess that I will at least try to pick up the game again and see what I can do since I did pay for it, and if I remember right I paid quite a lot for it.

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Ready Player One Coming to the Big Screen

Alright I know that this has been in the works for quite a while, but it would appear that Spielberg has now signed on to help get this made, and that to me makes me so happy I don't know what to do. Perhaps I shall do a little dance. 

Anyways this book was one that I could not put down, and if you haven't read it yet go get Ready Player One. The book is set in the year 2044, in a world that relies heavily on a virtual reality world called Oasis. There's of course more to this system than meets the eye, and that's where you'll get hooked into the story and won't want to let go. 

The one thing that everyone is pointing out is that there's a lot of pop/geeky nerdy culture references from the 80s listed in the book, and of course the IPs are owned by tons of different companies, so it should be interesting to see what does and doesn't make it into the movie. All I can say is that I hope that this go around this movie gets to filming and I can sink my teeth into this. 

Now of course I am a purist so I'm sure there's going to be some problems that I will have with it, but here's hoping that its minimal.

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