SMITE World Champs Sign with Cloud9

I'm going to be totally honest with you I didn't see thing coming, but something told me that Cognitive Prime was going to leave the Cognitive nest. I just felt that Cognitive as a whole was more interested in Cog Red than Prime, and I have a sneaky suspicion that roster changes were going to come for Prime. So after winning the entire Smite World Championship the entire team of Cog Prime:

  • Andrew “Andinster” Woodward - Jungler
  • John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter - Hunter
  • The “JeffHindla” Love (Rosario Villardi)  - Support
  • Brett “MLCSt3alth” Felley - Mid-Laner
  • Ryan “Omega” Johnson - Solo-Laner

Have signed on with Cloud9, this coming on the heels of the news that the previous Cloud9 team had been disbanded. Now with this new team in place you can be sure that Cloud9 will be right back up there as one of the top teams. Now of course it does appear that this team is going to stay stateside, so the Cloud9 European presence is still left in flux.

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If You Get Caught SWATTing There Are Repercussions

Ok for those who don't know what SWATTing is, it is when a person places a call to the police and feeds them false information about a person or group of individuals in which the caller tells the cops that the people to be pranked are armed and dangerous. What occurs at this point is the cops, having to consider all calls to 911 as factual have to pull in some if not most of their force and send cops to setup roadblocks as well as the SWAT team to take care of any hostiles. The thing is, of course, this is a prank, and there are are no hostiles. 

So the people getting pranked get their door bashed in and get pulled to the curb for process while the house gets cleared. Now of course the cops will find that there is no signs of hostility, and that most of the people were engaged in using their computers at the time of the raid. The problem is that the pranker has just sent a government force on a farce. Making a call like this has been deemed an act of Domestic Terrorism. Just recently a 15 year old who was found guilty of one such prank got his sentencing, which was 25 years to life. Now the truth of the matter is that he will probably not have to serve all that time, but he is definitely going to prison, he's got many years to think over his choices, and any chance of a life is in jeopardy.

For those out there who find SWATTing funny, you have to understand that if you are convicted you will lose out on getting your education, and a chance at many of the jobs out there. You see a prison record deters many employers from being able to hire someone with that type of record, especially when it includes, for this young man, 2 acts of Domestic Terrorism.

Think before you do anything. It might seem funny and harmless to you, but know that you are putting people's lives at risk, and you can be putting your life at risk, or at least your future. Keep the crazy ideas in the virtual worlds.

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Hello there Faithful Reader,

You might be asking yourself right now what the heck is going on with this webpage? There seems to be all sorts of pages/links/sizes/etc changing and being thrown about recklessly, or at least that is what you seem to believe.

Well the short and long of it is that Altered Confusion is in BAD need of a facelift, or perhaps a little makeup to try to make it all that much more awesome. So what has been put into place so far?

  1. The pages that once housed the videos of everything recorded are gone, but have no fear there are links to the playlists over at YouTube. It has come to our attention that we are doing twice the work and it just makes sense, since we already have the playlists over there, to link to them.
  2. The Calendar is AGAIN gone. Seriously, did anyone use it? I know that I had a hard time trying to remember to update it, so POOF it's gone again.
  3. The width of the page has changed. Well I think that about explains the entire thing, we wanted to be bigger on the screen.
  4. If Facebook will behave we should have all of our content ACTUALLY getting published to the Fan Page.

Now we are not done with the changes so if you have comment, question, etc please throw it our way and we will try our best to answer it.

Alright I think that's about all I have as of RIGHT NOW, but I'm sure more stuff is going to happen, so be on the look out as things are a changing, and we give you an even better experience as we move on from here.


- Charlie


Watch John Romero interview about Doom and his games!

Like many of our generation, one of the first video games I got into was Doom.  And of course, learning all the wonderful cheats like 'idkfa' for those of us who preferred to run in RAMBOOOO style instead of actually using strategy.  Games like Doom and Quake left an indelible mark on my video game upbringing, with John Romero being one of the chief architects of early FPSs.

Thus, it is enjoyable to watch this interview series with John Romero being interviewed by JP LeBreton.  Definitely recommend watching if you're interested in a game designer's mind.  Looking back, it's amazing to think how incredible the graphics and gameplay engine were at the time.  It was like Wolfenstein, but only AWESOMER!!!  And then came Quake, which really brought PvP games to the forefront for me.  It's fun to see how years later, game design concepts implemented years ago still remain true to this day.

I also want to play coop death match now!!

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Elder Scrolls Online Drops Subscription

Now this is something that I have been waiting to hear since the very first time I played the demo. Personally this was a game that was never going to live up to the expectations of those who fell in love with the Elder Scrolls series. When you put real people into the amazingly vast worlds of Elder Scrolls, what once was a smooth running ship was going to crash and have scars. Not that the game isn't playable it just never looked like they were going to be able to come close to what everyone wanted. Now of course it has been a little bit of time since I last played so perhaps they ironed out some of the wrinkles, but if it is going to no subscription model, perhaps it didn't iron out enough. 

Now of course like most MMOs out there without a subscription fee, there is a subscription that you can do that will allow premium services. So if you are looking to get a slight leg up and pay the fees, here is what you get:

  • a monthly deposit of Tamriel Unlimited's new virtual currency
  • access to downloadable content
  • faster accumulation of experience points
  • faster accumulation of gold
  • faster accumulation of crafting research.

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