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Tuesday Night Streaming


NBA's 76ers Acquire eSports Team

Well I guess this eSports thing really does have some legs, and now the first North American team to own an eSports team is the 76ers. This move gives the 76ers Dignitas and APEX. They will be combining the team and will of course be going after the LoL League of Legends) championship. 

Now of course Dignitas is more than just a LoL organization. This acquisition includes ALL of Dignitas, so that means you're looking at:

  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Overwatch
  • Heroes of the Storm

Now this isn't the first time that an eSports team has been owned, at least in part, by someone with a professional sports background in North America, but this is the first time that a NBA franchise, as a whole, has taken on eSports.

This is actually pretty damn exciting, this will also allow for a more mass production of Dignitas merchandise. I know that there are many die-hard fans out there who go to events or go through some serious channels to get some of your favorite eSports team's gear, but imagine if your favorite team had the distribution power of a NBA team? Well that's what Dignitas has going forward. So good for that organization as a whole, I hope that this starts a trend, and perhaps allows for these fledgling leagues to take that next step and really start pulling in the ratings, money, etc.



Thursday Night Hangout 09/22/2016

Finally we are back to having our show on YouTube. We went live over on Twitch on Thursday to talk about some of the latest and greatest stories as well as alert you to some of the upcoming games that should be on your radar.

Things such as:
Valve Banning Hostile Developer from Steam
Office Freakout
The Virus Cry for Help
Oculus Rift Touch
YouTube Heroes Program
The Ghost in the Shell Teaser Trailer

Altered Confusion's Continuing Participation in Extra-Life
Altered Confusion's Patreon Page

And Shoutouts to friends of the show




You've Just Been Fired, Time to Go on an Office Rampage

You are Philbert and you are yet another cog in the machine for the corporation. Well you were until you were just laid off. You know get to harness the rage pulsing through your body and go all out to destroy anything and anyone that gets in your way. You will being charting a course ever closer to the Boss' office, and you will only have a limited amount of time in each room, but with the mayhem that you bring you will gain points that will allow you to become that much more dangerous.

This my friends is Office Freakout and it is coming to a Steam store near you on September 27th for a low asking price of $9.59. If you act fast you can lock that price in as it is 20% off the usual price, but if for some reason you do drag your feet know this, the discount ends a week after release.



The World is Infected and You Can Choose to Save It

Daedalic Entertainment has partnered with POPCLAIRE to bring you the game The Virus: Cry for Help. The world has been infected with a virus that turns people into mindless monsters. Somehow you and the stranger named Hanna seem to be unaffected. Hanna calls you up and you take that call, and so begins your adventure.

This game is out for iOS and Android devices and is free-to-play with an additional $1.99 in-game purchase to unlock the full story. Will you have what it takes to help Hanna? This game plays out in real-time so you will be contacted by Hanna both in game and through push notifications. Some of the decisions that you will have to make might seem mundane, or insignificant, but I think we, as gamers, all know that even the smallest decision can have a hell of an effect by the end of the game.