Fantasy eSport Site, AlphaDraft Adds Fifth Title

As many of you might know the world of Fantasy Sports is booming and so there's a healthy market for eSports. Well it would appear that the number of titles that are supported in this fashion is now 5. Here's the list of titles that you can draft a fantasy team:


  1. League of Legends
  2. DOTA 2
  3. Smite
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  5. HearthStone


I'm going to be totally honest I still haven't figured out the AWESOMENESS that is HearthStone, I find the game more frustrating then anything else, perhaps its because I don't play it often enough to truly understand it? 

There's also something that is kind of awesome and that is that not only is AlphaDraft running this Fantasy eSport platform, they are also sponsoring some tournaments to help bolster the number of tournaments that people can "draft" in.



Mojang's SCROLLS already seeing End of the Road

Now I know that many people only equate Mojang to Minecraft, but there was this online card game called Scrolls that has been in Beta for a while and apparently it has now become apparent that this game just never truly took off the way everyone hoped. 

So the bad news is that this game is going to go away, the slightly better news is that you'll be able to play this game for about a year and then it will truly go away. So I guess if you want to get in on this you're going to want to hurry so that you can see what this game is/was all about.



Bloober Team Brings You A-Men 2

Now I know that there are those of you out there that remember the name Bloober Team from their game BRAWL, which of course Zealeus and I ate up, sadly we don't have PS4s so we were unable to hone our abilities past the time that we got to play with the developers.

Well these developers have decided that it is time to grace us with a new game, one that is headed to the PC called A-Men 2. That's right its a sequel, and from the looks of it its a game in which you'll have to use all kinds of strategy to get you through the levels that this team has in store for you.

So if you're feeling up to solving these puzzles, and defeat your enemies in unique ways just head over to Steam today, and pick up this game up. A-Men 2 on Steam.



Supreme League of Patriots Coming to iOS

Many of you might recall the game Supreme League of Patriots that came out a little bit ago on Steam that featured a guy who was dying to be a super hero. So he goes on a talent show to showcase his super hero-ness, and of course through that a whole new world opens up with over the top jokes, and maybe a bit of uneasiness as stereotypes get a lot of daylight. If you are interested in checking out what we thought about the PC version of the game, I recommend checking out our review.

Well it turns out that the first chapter is now out for the iOS devices. Now you will be able to don your spandex pants as the Purple Patriot, and take on this game. The asking price is currently set to $3.99, so not a bad deal.



Historic Gaming Timeline

For video game nerds - well, I'd say nerds in general - the The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, who is also in charge of technology standards such as the ubiquitous 802.11, better known as "WiFi") has released some quality image porn in the form of an interactive history of video game consoles.  It's very cool to scroll along and see both visual and text descriptions of what's brought us to the current generation of gaming consoles.  Also registers high on the nostalgia factor!