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Rogue Rocket Games Needs Your Help

For many you probably already recognize the company name, Rogue Rocket Games, as the one's behind Gunpowder, and the interview that we did with them. Well as you might remember they were also working on a bigger project and First Wonder has gone to KickStarter to see if you the gamers are willing to help out. 

I'm not going to lie they still have quite a ways to go to reach their goal and they have 18 days left as of right now, but if you liked Giants: Citizen Kabuto, you need to get over to the page right now and start pledging, and round up all your friends as well. 



Looking for a Game for Halloween?

Well if the answer is yes you might want to make sure that come October 21st you pick up the next game from the developer that brought you Silence of the Sleep, DISTRAINT. Now I know that most you remember when we talked about it back in August, but we are literally weeks away now and you can see the scene being set even more in the following trailer:

For those who don't know in this game you will be stepping into the shoes of a man named Price. As you are the ambitious type you want to impress a very powerful company and so you seize the property of an old lady. The problem is that once you step inside you find that you might have gotten yourself into more than you bargained for and you might have to try to survive so as to keep your soul.



Layers of Fear, Early Access, Now Available

Remember that really spooky game that we talked about from Bloober Team? Well if you want in on the Early Access of this game on any of the Steam platforms, now is your chance. This game, according to the developers is around 75% done (this was at the end of August), and was actually released into Early Access on the PC back in August. 

They have projected that it will take around 3 to 4 months to really iron out all the wrinkles, so if you want to wait for the full game it would appear that you're going to need to wait until at least November, more likely December, but lets be honest to be on the safe side it might slide into January if they hit any big bumps in the road.

All I have to say is that when this comes out, if you are a fan of games that you only play at night, with the lights off, and are looking for a scare, you're probably going to want to get this game IMMEDIATELY. Hell get the Early Access now. If you do, you will see that your input might actually help make this game all that much better, creepier, and nightmare inducing.



Altered Confusion Participating in Extra Life

That's right folks for the four year in a row I, Charlie, shall be participating in the Extra Life 24 Hour Game-a-thon. I will be streaming all my gaming for that period and I highly recommend that you swing by and make sure I'm still alive and that I'm not just running into a wall with my character in whatever game I might be playing at the time.

Now I haven't decided what games I will be playing this year, but I can guarantee you that a lot of them will be Indie titles that you are going to want to run out and get afterwards, that's just how Altered Confusion rolls. We show you the good stuff so that you can find out about it and then help support the amazing developers who deserve your love.

Here's the thing though, I can't do this by myself, I need your help. Now I know that there are many out there who don't have a lot of free flowing money, but if you could donate a dollar or more that would be amazing. Every year I've been gaming for the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, God knows I spent enough time in their emergency rooms with various injuries, along with many of my family members and of course friends. So if you can donate click on the below link


Now of course to make this a real success I would also like to enlist you to share this information with others that would be willing to donate as well, the more money we can raise the better.



Surreal Exploration KickStarter Game Need Your Help

I've always enjoyed those games in which you are taken in a completely different direction than the norm. I'm talking about the type of game where you get lost in the atmosphere of what is it's world, and you find yourself wanting to delve deeper, and at some point you hit kind of a mellow mood and the game truly flows all around you.

Well there's a group right now that is trying to make ESSENCE, a game that has 20 unique crafted worlds that you can do just that in, but they need your help. I'm going to be honest I personally dropped the ball on this one and I should have told you about this game much earlier in the KickStarter campaign, but it's not too late to get this game some attention and potentially some funding.

So here's the link to the KickStarter project, ESSENCE.

Oh and just in case you were wondering they did put this game through the Steam Greenlight process and its already been GreenLit, so why not jump in on the KickStarter rewards so that you can get a little bit more out of this potentially amazing game.