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    Ep. 130: Sleep Talking
    Ep. 129: Exhaustive Waiting
    Ep. 128: Leaving to Rot
    Ep. 127: Knowledge Transfer
    Ep. 126: WYSIWYG
    Ep. 125: Little Misunderstood Lie
    Ep. 124: L33T SK1LLZ
    Ep. 123: Ready for a Fight
    Ep. 122: Gone For Interviews
    Ep. 121: Looking for Work
    Ep. 120: Surprise!!!
    Ep. 119: Breaking News
    Ep. 118: The Nightmare Continues
    Ep. 117: Late Breaking News
    Ep. 116: TMI
    Ep. 115: Out With a Bang
    Ep. 114: Rough Crowd
    Ep. 113: Power-shotted
    Ep. 112: Sudden Illness
    Ep. 111: Problem of the Year
    Ep. 110: Smart Security
    Ep. 109: Secret Revealed
    Ep. 108: Half Awake
    Ep. 107: Megaman 3 Revisited
    Ep. 106: Calling It a Night
    Ep. 105: Man DOWN
    Ep. 104: The Mitch
    Ep. 103: Non-Believer
    Ep. 102: Weak Bladder
    Ep. 101: EXTERMINATE
    Ep. 100: Mad Dash
    Ep. 99: Intruder Alert
    Ep. 98: Come On Out
    Ep. 97: A Sudden Light
    Ep. 96: Run Away
    Ep. 95: Change of Office
    Ep. 94: Seen Differently
    Ep. 93: Skeptical Reporting
    Ep. 92: Deterrent Spotted
    Ep. 91: One Last Chance
    Ep. 90: Holding Off on the Assault
    Ep. 89: Misguided Planning
    Ep. 88: Too Stressed to Game
    Ep. 87: Raging Fury
    Ep. 86: Partial Deception
    Ep. 85: Sent Right Back Home
    Ep. 84: The Change of Things
    Ep. 83: Tempting but Denied Offer
    Ep. 82: Painful Realization
    Ep. 81: Time Lord Control
    Ep. 80: Inflating Self Analysis
    Ep. 79: Cryptic Message from the Boss
    Ep. 78: Lost Days
    Ep. 77: Praying for a Better Refresh
    Ep. 76: Not Facing the Day
    Ep. 75: Most Dark of Tidings
    Ep. 74: The Different Phases
    Ep. 73: Breaking News
    Ep. 72: Representation Needed
    Ep. 71: Doomed, Simply Doomed
    Ep. 70: The Morning After
    Ep. 69: Spotlight Exit
    Ep. 68: The Arrival
    Ep. 67: The Sacred Search
    Ep. 66: Explosive Answer
    Ep. 65: Ignorant Boss
    Ep. 64: Sweet Patience
    Ep. 63: "Productive" Meeting
    Ep. 62: Ironic Thought
    Ep. 61: Hold 'em High
    Ep. 60: The Hidden Revealed
    Ep. 59: Home Surprise
    Ep. 58: Figures, Karma
    Ep. 57: Is Something Burning?
    Ep. 56: Food Denied
    Ep. 55: Free Food
    Ep. 54: Missing Out
    Ep. 53: Server Full
    Ep. 52: "Useful" Meeting
    Ep. 51: Last Minute Meeting
    Ep. 50: Late Night Calls
    Ep. 49: Sneaking In E3
    Ep. 48: Dear God the Sirens
    Ep. 47: Escape for the Day
    Ep. 46: Office Check-In
    Ep. 45: Sneaking Into Work
    Ep. 44: Realization After Excitement
    Ep. 43: Not So Stealthy
    Ep. 42: Escape Failed
    Ep. 41: 10x Donation
    Ep. 40: Donation Button
    Ep. 39: Master of Games
    Ep. 38: The One Board Game
    Ep. 37: Console Failure
    Ep. 36: Battle On!!
    Ep. 35: Picking up Supplies
    Ep. 34: Finding out the Details
    Ep. 33: Back to Working Hard
    Ep. 32: Hard at Work
    Ep. 31: Delta Slamma Punch
    Ep. 30: Calling in a Favor
    Ep. 29: Back to Work
    Ep. 28: Quick Exit
    Ep. 27: Checking Up on a Neighbor
    Ep. 26: Stolen Property
    Ep. 25: Lights Back On
    Ep. 24: Life Sucks Karma
    Ep. 23: The Impossible Feat
    Ep. 22: Early Arrival
    Ep. 21: Throwing in the Towel
    Ep. 20: A Quick Stop
    Ep. 19: The Apology
    Ep. 18: Utter Denial
    Ep. 17: Step One
    Ep. 16: The Condition
    Ep. 15: Peaceful Shower
    Ep. 14: The Secret Knock
    Ep. 13: Rolling on Up
    Ep 12: We Gonna Party?
    Ep. 11: The Aftermath
    Ep. 10: Words of Wisdom
    Ep. 9: Late to Work
    Ep. 8: The Phone Call
    Ep. 7: The Deal Has Been Struck
    Ep. 6: The Holies of Holies
    Ep. 5: Come This Way
    Ep 4: The Spare Copy
    Ep. 3: The Box Arrives
    Ep. 2: The Timer
    Ep. 1: Something's Coming

    Hawk's Mind Episode History Lesson
    Hawk's Episode The Curtain
    Hawk's Mind Episode Starting Point
    Hawk's Mind Episode A Beginning 

    Hawk's Mind Episode 21
    Hawk's Mind Episode 20
    Hawk's Mind Episode 19
    Hawk's Mind Episode 18
    Hawk's Mind Episode 17
    Hawk's Mind Episode 16
    Hawk's Mind Episode 15
    Hawk's Mind Episode 14
    Hawk's Mind Episode 13
    Hawk's Mind Episode 12
    Hawk's Mind Episode 11
    Hawk's Mind Episode 10
    Hawk's Mind Episode 9
    Hawk's Mind Episode 8
    Hawk's Mind Episode 7
    Hawk's Mind Episode 6
    Hawk's Mind Episode 5
    Hawk's Mind Episode 4
    Hawk's Mind Episode 3
    Hawk's Mind Episode 2
    Hawk's Mind Episode 1

    Convention Days 1

    Altered Confusion Webcomic Ep. 12
    Altered Confusion Webcomic Ep. 11
    Altered Confusion Webcomic Ep. 10
    Altered Confusion Webcomic Ep. 9
    Altered Confusion Webcomic Ep. 8
    Altered Confusion Webcomic Ep. 7
    Altered Confusion Webcomic Ep. 6
    Altered Confusion Webcomic Ep. 5
    Altered Confusion Webcomic Ep. 4
    Altered Confusion Webcomic Ep. 3
    Altered Confusion Webcomic Ep. 2
    Altered Confusion Webcomic Intro

    Super Dud
    Lights Out
    Bad Take
    The Dreaded Call
    A Missing Ingredient
    Un-Customer Service
    My Creative Process
    My Little Spill
    March Sadness
    Code Name: SLEEP
    A Little Too Late
    Windows 7 RC Right Now
    A Farewell to My Cats
    Unsuccessful Burrito Challenge
    Losing it in the Workplace
    My Take on PSP vs. PSP Go!

    Page 2: The Nightmares
    Page 1: The Die Roller

    Chapter 1: Under the Stars

    Charlie's Continuing Saga
    Charlie's Story Part 1

    Episode 200: Closing
    Episode 199: Disbelief
    Episode 198: Hawk's Been Captured
    Episode 197: Click, Clack, Click
    Episode 196: Hypothesis of Steve
    Episode 195: Completion: LOST
    Episode 194: Eerie Feeling
    Episode 193: Unwanted Discovery
    Episode 192: Power Leveling
    Episode 191: Deep Trouble
    Episode 190: No Love for the Son
    Episode 189: Don't Forget Ever Again
    Episode 188: Quiet Night in News
    Episode 187: Interrupting Peace
    Episode 186: The Hunt Continues
    Episode 185: Nowhere to be Found
    Episode 184: Eluding the Chase
    Episode 183: Uprising Begins
    Episode 182: Return Home
    Episode 181: A Little Stroll
    Episode 180: Abandon Ship
    Episode 179: Turned off Help
    Episode 178: Recounting Misery
    Episode 177: The Sorrowful Scream
    Episode 176: Fine Print
    Episode 175: Random Regular
    Episode 174: The Utter Despair
    Episode 173: Game of Lifetime
    Episode 172: Utter Shock
    Episode 171: Reality Hits
    Episode 170: False Hope
    Episode 169: You've Got MAIL
    Episode 168: Joys of Gaming
    Episode 167: Sneaking Back In
    Episode 166: An Explanation
    Episode 165: Pour Me a Stiff One
    Episode 164: Doomed Future
    Episode 163: Not a Wrong Number
    Episode 162: The Call
    Episode 161: Needing Some Space
    Episode 160: Rearranged Roommate
    Episode 159: Awake and Confused
    Episode 158: Chance Run In
    Episode 157: Losing the Struggle
    Episode 156: Unwilling to Check
    Episode 155: Acknowledging the Effort
    Episode 154: Restricted Access
    Episode 153: Flat Broke
    Episode 152: Unheard Monologue
    Episode 151: Code Red Alert
    Episode 150: Irony Strikes Hard
    Episode 149: Beginning of the Aftermath
    Episode 148: Reasons to go to the Bar
    Episode 147: Solid Gaming Session
    Episode 146: Perma-Banned
    Episode 145: Pleasure from Pain
    Episode 144: Denied by All
    Episode 143: Masterful Play
    Episode 142: Getting Over It
    Episode 141: Revenge is SWEET
    Episode 140: Caught in the Act
    Episode 139: A Promised Return
    Episode 138: A Gentle Pause
    Episode 137: Behind Bars
    Episode 136: Disturbance in the Force
    Episode 135: Quick Everyone to Jail!
    Episode 134: Making Headlines
    Episode 133: Missed Call
    Episode 132: Apology Accepted?
    Episode 131: Beta Frustration
    Episode 130: Womanly Discussion
    Episode 129: Seeing Double
    Episode 128: The Town's Gone Crazy
    Episode 127: Finite Finish
    Episode 126: Unwelcomed Guest
    Episode 125: The Compromise
    Episode 124: False Hopes
    Episode 123: Pudgy Royalty
    Episode 122: Have We Met?
    Episode 121: The Hired Help
    Episode 120: The Path Back
    Episode 119: The Forced Return
    Episode 118: The Banishment
    Episode 117: Trying to Find Answers
    Episode 116: Playing it Off
    Episode 115: Not So Quiet Whispers
    Episode 114: Hawk's Frustration
    Episode 113: Curiosity Gets the Better
    Episode 112: Hawk Out of Character
    Episode 111: The Closing of a Nation
    Episode 110: Brief Meeting
    Episode 109: Destination Unknown
    Episode 108: Twin Panic
    Episode 107: Strange Things Happening
    Episode 106: Unkind Luck
    Episode 105: The Continuing Trend
    Episode 104: Disturbance in the World
    Episode 103: Discovery
    Episode 102: The Escape
    Episode 101: Evading Capture
    Episode 100: Now the Fun Begins
    Episode 99: What's on the Schedule?
    Episode 98: Psycho Killer on the Loose?
    Episode 97: The Inquisition Begins
    Episode 96: Hanging Out
    Episode 95: Power's Back On
    Episode 94: Steve's Return
    Episode 93: OSSFGSP
    Episode 92: Unprotected Prize
    Episode 91: Master Plan
    Episode 90: Working at Home
    Episode 89: Hawk, The Broken
    Episode 88: Story Told
    In Memory of the First True Dungeon Master
    Episode 87: Celebration Drinks
    Episode 86: Love Sick
    Episode 85: Sara's Questioning
    Episode 84: Hawk the Teacher?
    Episode 83: Hawk's Fan
    Episode 82: Coaxing out Hawk
    Episode 81: It's for Hawk
    Episode 80: Steve Comes Home
    Episode 79: No Joking
    Episode 78: Culprits Caught
    Episode 77: Avoiding the Pain
    Episode 76: News Report
    Episode 75: Unprepared Battle
    Episode 74: Cops in the Spotlight
    Episode 73: A Little Too Late
    Episode 72: The Calvary's Been Called
    Episode 71: Breaking News
    Episode 70: Still Rolling
    Episode 69: Late Breaking News
    Episode 68: Nervous Discovery
    Episode 67: Hawk's Night Fate
    Episode 66: Not So Quiet Escape
    Episode 65: Talk Postponed
    Episode 64: Happy End of Day
    Episode 63: Punishment Round 1
    Episode 62: Deep Breath
    Episode 61: Steve’s Pep-talk
    Episode 60: Quick Goodnight
    Episode 59: Forgotten Gift
    Episode 58: Another Phone Call
    Episode 57: Owning Up
    Episode 56: The Ugly in Assuming
    Episode 55: In Hiding
    Episode 54: Manhunt Begins
    Episode 53: Laying Low
    Episode 52: Hawk Tempts Fate
    Episode 51: Steve Awakens
    Episode 50: Overplaying the Limits
    Episode 49: Renewing an Addiction
    Episode 48: The Aftermath
    Episode 47: Changed Person
    Episode 46: Mysterious Powers
    Episode 45: Bold Prediction
    Episode 44: Game Night
    Episode 43: Lady's Surprise
    Episode 42: Hawk is Down
    Episode 41: Eminent Danger
    Episode 40: One Last Drink
    Episode 39: Misplaced Items
    Episode 38: Almost Getting Away
    Episode 37: The Escape
    Episode 36: Lost Property
    Episode 35: Getting Schooled in Rock
    Episode 34: Dual Tasking
    Episode 33: Job Relief
    Episode 32: Revelation at the Bar
    Episode 31: Twisted Fate
    Episode 30: Not that kind of Job
    Episode 29: Quest for a Job
    Episode 28: Not Quite Listening
    Episode 27: The Die Has Been Thrown
    Episode 26: Forced Gather
    Episode 25: Repairing the Ego
    Episode 24: Woman Gaming God
    Episode 23: Forgetting a Detail
    Episode 22: Idiot Emerges
    Episode 21: Visitor Revealed (Sorta)
    Episode 20: An Unexpected Knock
    Episode 19: Next Day Hang Over
    Episode 18: The Drag Home
    Episode 17: Sleepy but Helped
    Episode 16: Curious Patron
    Episode 15: The Surprise at Work
    Episode 14: Productive Weekend
    Episode 13: Laying Down some Ground Rules
    Episode 12: A Visit to the Local Jail
    Episode 11: Battle of Minds
    Episode 10: A Trip to the Store
    Episode 9: Drive to Work
    Episode 8: Plooop?!?!?
    Episode 7: Making do with the Situation
    Episode 6: Drowning One's Sorrows
    Episode 5: The Return Home
    Episode 4: Burning Down the House, Literally
    Episode 3: Hard at work, or Hardly Working
    Episode 2: Angering of the Patapon God
    Episode 1: Patapon Crazy

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